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Wattie Ink Elite Team
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 Things I Learned From Jenna

Well I'm back to the blogging. Its been a while...in fact its been since my Ironman Texas blog. Why so long. The Readers Digest version is that my head has been firmly planted in my rear. Feeling sorry for myself for not racing as fast as I trained to race. Well last weekend I had the honor of racing with a very special young lady named Jenna. I got to tow her on the bike and push her on the run, and laugh all day long with her. During this race I learned some things about life and myself.......so I figured I would share.

1. Smiles and Laughter are POWERFUL
Picture yourself climbing the steepest of inclines, running through the hardest rain, heart beating through your chest, legs burning, and being serenaded by the sounds of the purest laughter you have ever heard. Do you know how powerful of a motivator that can be.....and how contagious it is. I found out with the joyful bellows of Jenna on Sunday. Funny thing is that I never knew I could smile and laugh out loud while in an anaerobic state.

2. Do something IMPACTFUL for others
Its easy to go through life and consider your self philanthropic because you donate money to different causes....but how impactful is that? Do something IMPACTFUL for someone else! Volunteer for something that gives you nothing in return, and then watch as you get SO much in return. I watched the impact I had on a family I never had met before, and now I feel connected to them for life!

3. Triathletes take themselves TOO SERIOUS
I include myself in this statement. Life is too short and too precious to be so damn serious. I know we are a sport of "A" Type personalities but holy crap people....when you are coming up behind a guy towing a trailer in a race....up hill...do you really need to yell at him to "get out" of your way? How did it feel to have that same guy with the trailer later pass you up the hill? And Yes you passed him on the flat portion back in....but it must have stung when he caught you at mile 1 of the run and blew your doors off! "Get out of the way" could easily have been "on your left".....dont think we impacted your overall win chances....dont take yourself too serious bro!

4. Cold Rain can be FUN
I know what your saying....yuck. Let me tell you that going into this event I thought the same thing, but then I learned that it is all about perspective. Jenna taught me that clod rain is only miserable if you let it be....or you can decide to smile and laugh...guess what....Rain Is Fun.

5. Self Pity Parties can only last 1 Hour
After a few disappointing races this year I threw the longest pity party in history. "Oh poor me....I didn't race as fast as I wanted".  What an ass I was! Its ok to be disappointed....but new rule is to never be down longer than 1 hour. Jenna taught me that if I hadn't have snapped out of it, I would have never had the amazing experience that I did with her!

6. The World is an AMAZING Place when you're Surrounded by AMAZING People
Yes...its that simple. If there are toxic people in your life.....get rid of them. Amazing people make your world a much more interesting, exciting, and much happier place. I am so grateful to have the family & friends I have! You all make me a better person!

7. "BAM" is one of the Coolest Words ever
I asked Jenna to yell "Bam" when we passed anyone during the race. I thought it would keep her engaged and me motivated. It ended up being my favorite word of the year. The faster I ran, the more she laughed, the more people we caught, the more she said "Bob BAM".  We need more laughter and BAM.

8. Giving Back to Community means Making Sacrifices
I hear coaches say that they coach because they want to "give back to the community". I say thats bullshit. Giving back to the community does not result in a profit to your bottom line. Giving back means going outside of your comfort zone, letting go of things that may be important to you, and doing selflessly for OTHERS. It also feels very good....

9. Everyone Should Try this Once
I cant even describe in words the feelings that continue to flood me when I see pictures from this weekend. It's life changing.

10. I Love My Life
I am who I am....some people love me....some people don't. Im ok with that. Those that are in my life know they get 100% from me every day and they deserve it. I am lucky to do what I love everyday. I have the greatest family ever. The greatest (and craziest) friends ever! Jenna helped me put that back in perspective.

Thank you Jenna!!!!


  1. Great post, Flanny. I agree with so much of what you said. So glad you had this weekend with Jenna- it will mean so much more than many other races from the year. Keep rockin' it, dad!

  2. I have had the experience to know this young girl too, and let me tell you she really has an impact on everyone she meets. So glad that you got to do this with her. I know that laugh personally, and it is contagious! Great post on being too serious and your TRI lessons this year!